How many years to senior engineer?

#537 – August 28, 2023

Becoming a senior engineer isn't about clocking years, but about depth and breadth of experience. Work in diverse teams, stick with a codebase for 3+ years, and take on projects with real stakes.

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SSH is such a powerful tool but sometimes the syntax and other concepts can get in the way of us accomplishing our goals. In an effort to do more evil things in a timely fashion I’ve put together a massive list of SSH things that I find useful.

You will not find a broader set of Computer Science problems inside one piece of software than by working on a cloud database, especially general-purpose databases that attempt to solve a lot of different use cases.

How to use GNU Parallel to gather stats on long-running flaky tests by running them many times and capturing their results.

Many examples in functional programming assume that you are always on the “happy path”. But to create a robust real world application you must deal with validation, logging, network and service errors, and other annoyances.

The differences between games development and more “standard” software engineering, roles, and how games are typically built.