Becoming a go-to person gets you promoted

To reach the Senior level, you need to increase your scope, impact, and ownership.

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To reach the Senior level, you need to increase your scope, impact, and ownership. One of the best ways to do that is to become a “go-to” person or an expert. You could be the “database expert”, “Python expert”, “caching expert”, “frontend expert”, “Typescript expert”, etc.

The best opportunities come from a warm intro to a friend of a friend’s. Gain social clout by referring friends and colleagues to their next opportunities, and they’ll do the same for you.

Engineering progression for humans
17 minutes by Sophie Koonin

Tackling some common questions, including: what does an engineering career in a larger organisation look like? What actually is a staff engineer? How long should you stay at the same company? Do I even need to progress?

Expedia makes extensive use of machine learning for recommending a variety of products to travelers so that they can find the perfect trip. From search, price forecasting, to recommendations machine learning can be found in various parts of website.

What it takes to be a Senior IC at Meta
8 minutes by Analytics at Meta

At Meta, senior individual contributors are an important part of how we think about growing careers and building effective organizations in data science and data engineering.

Learning how to build quality software is not part of computer science education. How do we learn it?

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