The curious case of the missing period

When Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is not simple

When Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is not simple. One of the emails they sent to a customer was missing a period in the email body. What was more confusing is it only happened to this specific customer, when the same email was sent to a different customer the period was not missing.

Let's be honest: The true mark of design system success is adoption in production. Omlet makes it easy to see exactly where and how your React components are being used in applications, so you can work on the right things.

Here are some of the things that software developers should avoid when coding to improve their work performance and mental health.

Uber migrated all its payment transaction data from DynamoDB and blob storage into a new long-term solution, a purpose-built data store named LedgerStore. The company was looking for cost savings and had previously reduced the use of DynamoDB to store hot data (12 weeks old). The move resulted in significant savings and simplified the storage architecture.

Evolution of Monolithic Systems
13 minutes by Chubernetes

In my journey through various lifecycles of tech startups, I have observed a recurring pattern of emergent monolithic systems during the early period of a platform’s life. These initial monolithic systems typically start out with good reasons for making smart tradeoffs to optimize for speed.

Rethinking Text Resizing on Web
12 minutes by Steven Bassett

Airbnb has made significant strides in improving web accessibility for Hosts and guests who require larger text sizes.

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