Finding a New Software Developer Job

A job hunting experience after a layoff

Finding a New Software Developer Job
23 minutes by Henrik Warne

For the first time ever, I was laid off, and had to find a new software developer job. I managed to find a new one, but it took longer than I thought, and it was a lot of work. I was in contact with 30 companies, got a no from 8 companies,โ€‚no reply from 6 companies, and offers from 3 companies. Here is what I learnt from the process.

Sonar analyzes your codebase quickly and accurately, giving you vital information to proactively fix any problems. Correct issues from the moment code is written in the developerโ€™s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with SonarLint and utilize SonarQube or SonarCloud in the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline to prevent issues from reaching production. Try it for free.

The story of the SSH port is 22
6 minutes by Tatu Ylonen

The SSH port is 22. This is the story of how it got that port number. And practical configuration instructions.

Improve your SQL skills in 5 minutes
7 minutes by Anton Zaides

Donโ€™t stop your SQL journey with Joins.

In this post we will cover the pros and cons of single-tenancy architecture, and how single-tenancy versus multi-tenancy is not a binary choice.

The High-Risk Refactoring
7 minutes by Miroslav Nikolov

How to approach risky and expensive system improvements. Code refactoring may cost a fortune if not done right. A dysfunctional revamped system or new features coupled with incorrect rewrite is, with no doubt, damaging. One can argue to what extent.

If you send more than 5K emails a day, check Mailtrap's tutorial on the new 'Google and Yahoo email policy 2024'. It breaks down the latest authentication and DNS protocol requirements so you can navigate them with ease.

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