A Git story

Not so fun this time

A Git story
33 minutes by Brachiosoft

Linus Torvalds once wrote in a book that he created Linux just for fun, but it ended up sparking a revolution. Git, his second major creation, also an accidental revolution. It’s now a standard tool for software engineers, but its origin story wasn’t so much fun this time, at least for Linus.

Unblocked provides development teams accurate answers to questions about their application by augmenting their source code with existing knowledge from GitHub, Slack, Confluence, Jira and more. Get unblocked, no matter the task.

My north star when building the system was to keep it as boring as possible. We released after about a year of development, and were able to help millions of people find and purchase health care.

The history of Alt+number sequences
3 minutes by Raymond Chen

Code pages and custom keyboard handling. And why Alt+9731 sometimes gives you a heart and sometimes a snowman.

8 versions of UUID and when to use them
3 minutes by Nicole Tietz

Usually when we have multiple numbered versions, the higher numbers are newer and presumed to be better. In contrast, there are 8 UUID versions which are different and all defined in the standard.

It’s more about soft skills than technical skills. There is no substitute for working software in production.

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