The guide to git I never had

Does Git ever make you feel like Peter Griffin?

The guide to git I never had
13 minutes by Jake Page

Have you noticed that Git is so integral to working with code that people hardly ever include it in their tech stack or on their CV at all? The assumption is you know it already, or at least enough to get by, but do you?

If you have a big idea and think AI should be part of it, meet AE–a development, data science and design studio working with founders and execs on custom software solutions. We turn AI/ML ideas into realities–from chatbots to NLP and more. Tell us about your visionary concept or work challenge and we’ll make it real. The secret to our success is treating your project as if it were our own startup.

Double-Entry Bookkeeping as a Directed Graph
22 minutes by Matheus Portela

This series of articles is my attempt to capture some of my “a-ha” moments while learning accounting. Hopefully, it will help someone out there grasp these ideas in a more intuitive and modern way.

Predictive CPU isolation of containers at Netflix
7 minutes by Benoit Rostykus, Gabriel Hartmann

We’ve all had noisy neighbors at one point in our life. Whether it’s at a cafe or through a wall of an apartment, it is always disruptive. The need for good manners in shared spaces turns out to be important not just for people, but for your Docker containers too.

Exactly what to say in code reviews
9 minutes by Jordan Cutler

7 techniques to add to your daily toolkit when giving code review feedback. You want to give someone feedback in code review, but you know text is so hard to get right. It’s misinterpreted all the time.

Today, I want to discuss a very interesting trick you can pull in a high traffic situation to greatly reduce number of samples and improve placement quality using micro-batching.

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