Learning about debuggers

How they work, which technologies are under the hood

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Learning about debuggers
5 minutes by Andy Hippo

Today’s article is a collection of materials to learn more about debuggers: how they work, which technologies are under the hood, what kind of problems exist in this area.

WorkOS enables developers to easily implement features that every enterprise customer requires, such as Single Sign-On, SCIM, Audit Logs, and User Management. Beautiful API docs guide every step of the way, and transparent pricing scales based on usage. It’s a product built by developers, for developers.

The Ten Commandments of Refactoring
7 minutes by Armand Halbert

Refactoring by Martin Fowler is a book showing how to refactor code - restructuring a codebase to improve it without changing its functionality. The book provides general principles, a list of code smells, and how they should be refactored. Most valuable is the catalog of refactorings. While I can’t share the entire catalog I can share the general principles the author espouses for refactoring.

How much uptime can I afford?
7 minutes Itzy Sabo

Engineering for 99.5% uptime is more cost-effective than 99.99% for most startups! "But why shouldn’t my engineers strive for excellence?" Of course they should, but 99.99% guaranteed uptime gets expensive.

There are many types of distributed PostgreSQL architectures, and they each make a different set of trade-offs. Let’s go over some of these architectures.

There are strategies for reducing the size and responsibilities of large objects. Here’s one that worked for us at Shopify, an all-in-one commerce platform supporting over 1M merchants across the globe.

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