Optimism vs Pessimism in Distributed Systems

Avoiding coordination allows us to build distributed systems that scale

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Avoiding coordination is the one fundamental thing that allows us to build distributed systems that out-scale the performance of a single machine. When we build systems that avoid coordinating, we end up building components that make assumptions about what other components are doing.

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Making CRDTs 98% More Efficient
22 minutes by Jake Lazaroff

State-based CRDTs grow monotonically, but that doesn't mean they can't be efficient. We'll learn how to compress the pixel editor state by 98%.

Learn to build production-ready serverless applications on AWS. It takes less than a dayโ€™s work in total and has no running cost as everything is under the free tier.

Redis Pub/Sub under the hood
11 minutes by Jim Fisher

Do you want to code a chat app? Here youโ€™ll see how to do it the hard way. I show how Redis Pub/Sub works in detail, all the way down to the bits and bytes! This is the first part of a series of deep dives into Redis.

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked.

The reign of the Lightning cable is over, and the USB-C era has begun โ€” leaving us wondering what sets one charger apart from another. We do a teardown of Apple's Thunderbolt 4 and its competitors.

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