How Photoshop works with files that can't fit into memory

The software makes innovative use of WebAssembly with features like SIMD

How Photoshop solved working with files larger than can fit into memory
5 minutes by Nabeel Al-Shamma and Thomas Steiner

Learn how Adobe managed to let users edit even the biggest files on the web version of its iconic Photoshop app.

WorkOS provides easy-to-use APIs for auth, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning. It's a drop-in replacement for Auth0 and supports up to 1 million monthly active users for free. Today, hundreds of high-growth startups rely on WorkOS, including ones you probably know, like Vercel, Webflow, Loom, and Drata. It's easy to get started and just as easy to maintain.

Esbuild and Redis are two examples of codebases with exceptional documentation. Through their READMEs, changelogs, architecture documents, and code comments, both projects explain their design in such a way that someone new to the codebase can understand where things are, how things are done, and why they are done that way.

Laws of Software Evolution
5 minutes by Chris Kqr

The software I encounter most is software that interacts with a changing world. It’s software that needs to adapt to other software, but critically, it needs to adapt to its users – to people! People change their attitudes and processes in response to the environment, and the software needs to adapt around that.

Good error messages are an underrated and underappreciated part of APIs. I would argue that they are just as important a learning path as documentation or examples in teaching developers how to use your API.

Alternate title: An history of OS-Level Virtualisation on UNIX and then Linux.

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