An interactive study of queueing strategies

In this blog, we go on an interactive journey to understand common queueing strategies for handling HTTP requests.

Supabase is now GA
sponsored by Supabase

The open source Firebase alternative is now Generally Available.

Demystifying cookies and tokens
21 minutes by Tommi Hovi

I have been recently diving head first into the world of tokens and cookies. One of my customerโ€™s is trying to prevent token and cookie theft and it has got me digging more information and deeper. There are variations of tokens and cookies and some context around them that we should understand to see the bigger picture.

You'll regret using natural keys
6 minutes by Mark Seemann

Is it ever a good idea to use natural keys in a database design? My experience tells me that it's not. Ultimately, regardless of how certain you can be that the natural key is stable and correctly tracks the entity that it's supposed to keep track of, data errors will occur. This includes errors in those natural keys.

Database Design for Google Calendar
about 1 hour by Alexes Makhotkin

We will first build a complete logical model that describes the calendar data to be stored. This should take most of the effort. After the logical model is finished, weโ€™ll build table design directly based on the logical model.

S3 is weirder than you think. Make sure you know all the quirks before they turn into vulnerabilities in your AWS infrastructure.

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