How does Shazam work?

Your phone's ability to identify any song is pure technological magic

How does Shazam work?
21 minutes by Cameron MacLeod

Your phone's ability to identify any song it listens to is pure technological magic. In this article, I'll show you how one of the most popular apps, Shazam, does it. The founders of Shazam released a paper in 2003 documenting how it works, and I have been working on an implementation of that paper, abracadabra.

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Ever wanted more different ways to understand what’s going on in a program? Here I catalogue a huge variety of tracing methods you can use for varying types of problems. Tracing has been such a long-standing interest (and job) of mine that some of these will novel and interesting to anyone who reads this.

A study of Google's code review tooling, AI-powered improvements, and recent statistics. Critique, "Modern Code Review at Google," and various Google software engineering papers.

Git Query language
1 minute by Amr Heshan

GQL is a query language with a syntax very similar to SQL with a tiny engine to perform queries on .git files instance of database files, the engine executes the query on the fly without the need to create database files or convert .git files into any other format

From table hacks to CSS kludges, these are some of the techniques that helped web developers get their fancy pages on the internet. Many of these code quirks shouldn’t work, but somehow they do. We’re highlighting 10 hacky website coding strategies—some big, some small.

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