Uncovering the Seams in Mainframes for Incremental Modernisation

Mainframe systems continue to run much of the world's computing workload

Mainframe systems continue to run much of the world's computing workload, but it's often difficult to add new features to support growing business needs. To reduce the risk involved, we should use an incremental approach to legacy displacement, gradually replacing legacy capabilities with implementations in modern technology.

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Who pays you? And why?
8 minutes by Brian Kihoon Lee

I get asked for career advice from time to time. While each situation is different, a recurring theme is disempowerment – feeling like there’s nothing you can do to advance your career. To help diagnose, I like to ask two questions: Who pays you? And why?

Requirements change, and new technologies emerge. Developers should be much more careful with how they define ‘legacy’, and how trigger-happy they are with refactoring.

Maximizing Postgres connection economy by using a single connection per program to receive and distribute all listen/notify notifications.

This guide covers timeless ideas that are helpful to keep in mind while working with systems where performance matters. Many of these ideas are fairly “durable” and will apply regardless of what hardware, programming language, operating system, or decade you are working in.

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