How web bloat impacts users with slow devices

CPU performance for web apps hasn't scaled as quickly as bandwidth

CPU performance for web apps hasn't scaled nearly as quickly as bandwidth so, while more of the web is becoming accessible to people with low-end connections, more of the web is becoming inaccessible to people with low-end devices even if they have high-end connections.

Unblocked provides development teams helpful and accurate answers to questions about their codebase. It tailors answers by complementing source code with relevant discussions from GitHub, Slack, JIRA and more.

Our nine month journey to horizontally shard Figma’s Postgres stack, and the key to unlocking (nearly) infinite scalability.

A Few Words on Testing
4 minutes by Thorsten Ball

Maybe the wisest thing about testing that’s ever been said and maybe the only thing that you need to know about testing β€” forget about the testing pyramids, and the mocks vs. stubs debates, and the dependency injectors, and the coverage numbers.

It is time to double down on computer science and software technology. We will start seeing computer science and software technology going further in to K12 school curriculum. We will start to see more Pi-shaped people, who have depth at two areas and who pursue generalist applications. After building some depth, being a generalist is a good strategy.

Does your day get derailed frequently because of unexpected circumstances?

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